How to choose the right running shoes?

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Most running shoes are comfortable when we try it in the store. But the real new conditions will be felt when we wear ran a few kilometers. That’s when we just realized that running shoes are right for we are not depending on its brand, but on many things, including where we ran and ran, style form our feet. How do we choose a suitable running shoes? In addition to colors, shapes, and prices, here are a few more important things into consideration before you buy it: the surface of Ran When you are planning on buying running shoes, where you will be using it?

How to choose the right running shoes

How to choose the right running shoes

Whether on asphalt road (road), on the top of the machine or treadmill, rocky surface (trail running)? “In choosing running shoes, the surface and place ran should be a consideration. Whether it’s the streets or treadmill, outdoors as well as inside and outside, this affects the choice of the right shoe, “said Welliam Lauw, Manager; Brand Communications & Sports Marketing Adidas PT Indonesia, answering questions via email.

How to choose the right running shoes?

Generally road-running shoes are designed to be worn on the surface flat and hard as asphalt. Shoes-Boots of this type come bearing to dampen clash as well as to make the wearer is stable. While the trail-running shoes are designed to be used on the surface of a rocky, muddy, with various obstacles such as trees and grass roots. These type of shoes equipped anti-slip soles as well as shapes and special materials to give support, stability, and protection of the foot.

“Shoes-shoes like the Adidas running Response trail, A 8, 7, as well as the adidas Duramo Galaxy for example, comes with a Traxion technology on the outer sole to produce better handling on the surface in the wild,” said Welliam Lauw. Cross-training shoes are a little different, because it is designed for use in the gym or gym. Typically cross-training shoes give the wearer through the balance on the sol and thick pads.

The type and Style Run
People ran with a different style. There is nothing like jogging to maintain fitness. There is a run short distances at high speed (sprint), some jog 5 k, 10 k, or run long distances like the marathon. For each category and style to this running shoe makers, manufacturers provide the appropriate type of allocation.

“For example, for beginner runners suggested paying more attention to the shoe with the cushioning are soft and tender, while the more professional runners need shoes that are light, also have a bearing on the properties more encouragement, for example, Nike Zoom Pegasus. While the runners who want to improve the strength of the muscles of the legs then Nike Nike free technology delivers, “said Arief Tjakraamidjaja, Country Marketing Manager of Nike Indonesia, contacted via email.

The Shape Of The Foot
The shape of the foot of each person turns out to be different. Some are neutral, at which time step, the part that is stepped on the surface of the sole of the foot is the central part, there is an overpronation, where the soles of the feet tilted toward the inside, and underpronation, where the Palm tilts outwards. Different forms it affects parts of the foot that will collide with the surface, so that the selection of shoes with insoles and pads the right will help.

How to determine the shape of our feet? Try to dampen a foot, then step into the dry. Note the traces left behind. What is the footprint it evenly (neutral), or tend toward the inside or outside? When you specify one difficulty, come to the shoe store to get help.

In addition to the question of the Palm, it forms and how to step up any different between men and women, so manufacturers often differentiate between men’s and women’s shoes. “Adidas running for example offers running shoes made specifically adjust the shape of a woman’s legs, such as X and PureBOOST X UltraBOOST. This is to adjust activities, shapes and movements of the feet that differ between men and women,” said Welliam Lauw.

When choosing shoes, consider also your weight. The more weight your body, the greater the collision between the legs anyway with the soil surface. The magnitude of this clash needs to be muted using shoes with just the right cushioning. “Those who belong to his body weight, it is worth choosing shoes that heeled strong to help the stability of the body as well as shoe soles aren’t too pressing and responsive,” said Welliam Lauw. “Bearing Technology BOOST from Adidas, for example, is made of thousands of capsules that provide energy to the Runner returns.”

Try it in the afternoon
This suggestion does sound unique. However alasanya is because our feet will inflate in the afternoon after a day of activity. By trying the shoes while our feet expands, then we will not mistakenly buy the size that is too small. You can also try the shoes after the run, the size of your feet will be greater by then.

Buy A Size Larger
Usually to prevent chafing and make room on legs tensed and inflate, most runners are buying shoes half a size bigger than the size of his feet. Need to also consider the width of the legs, because if too narrow in addition will also not comfortable running. When you try, make sure there is a space as wide as a finger or a thumb between the toe with the tip of your shoes. In addition to buying a half size larger, you can also consider purchasing running shoes with materials that can adjust to the widening of the foot.

Ask a question of the shoes you buy
While in the store, you may be faced with several choices of shoes. In addition try to walk, you should also ask what advantages the shoes which belonged to, as well as the allocation to what kind of running style. At this time various producers supply the latest technology that makes the shoes comfortable makin to run, be it from the side materials, weights, and other things.

“To note is a type of upper (upper part), (Bearing) midsole, and outsole (Sol sections below). The three things should be adjusted to the type of runner who also ran the place, kind of a run. The staff at the store Nike shoe selection advice before giving certainly will ask in advance what the needs of the runners, “said Arief Tjakraamidjaja of Nike Indonesia.

The main comfort
Don’t let the appearance of beat the convenience when purchasing running shoes. You will spend hundreds of kilometers along with your shoes. Imagine if the distance that far You traveled with the uncomfortable shoes. In addition to torture, the possibility of injury is also greater. Therefore, try several pairs of shoes while choosing, and make sure Your comfort a priority. Unless you buy it just for style only.

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