How to size Shoes that fit your feet?

Thursday, July 5th, 2018 - Shoes Tips

You are probably already familiar with a particular size shoe purchase. But is it the size you buy it already right? How we should determine our footwear size? To answer the above questions, we need to know that the size of an average human foot on this earth “evolved” doubled compared to the year 1970 ‘s to support our species which grow higher. It changed how shoes are designed, manufactured, and marketed by shoe manufacturer in the world.

How to size Shoes that fit your feet How to size Shoes that fit your feet

Ironically, according to a study in the United Kingdom, more than 2,000 people who examined it turns out there are still many who chose the styling of shoes than any side in November 2007. While a third man who researched wearing shoes that are inappropriate or less fit, an option that is not only uncomfortable, but at the same time can change the shape of the foot and our fingers as time goes. Then how should determine the right shoe size for our feet?

“Basically we have to have distance or empty space about 1.2 cm between our longest finger with the tip of the inside of the shoe,” said Tom Florsheim Jr., a shoemaker whose families held the brand for the past 122 years. “Our feet shifted when standing, so we have to ensure there is space our shoes while wearing it.” We usually measure the presence of residual spaces by pressing the front of the shoe, but Florsheim also suggested that we insert the index finger on the back of the heel to ensure there is more distance between the foot and the tip of the shoe.

When the index finger we cannot enter, take one size larger. But when the finger is “present”, then you should probably look for a half to one size smaller. When sellers say that shoes that you will try to adjust the size of your feet when it is used to keep you know, buy it, even if it was true, but your feet will be tormented before.

“If a shoe feels uncomfortable from the beginning, then he will be so forever,” added Florsheim. “The shoe would indeed be stretched in such a way because of the way we travel. But the change is in part only. Don’t expect the shoes will be long. ” Use the right size shoe is going to make us feel comfortable, does not damage the growth of the feet, as well as making it’s own shoes last longer. Therefore refer to the six tips before buying new shoes:

  1. Wear socks you normally wear everyday when you try shoes that you will buy.
  2. Width is often as important as length. So make sure Your shoe size is right in all directions
  3. Shop for shoes at the end of the day where your feet are already developing after a day of walking
  4. If you want to buy a pair of shoes but the size is too big, try wearing it with the extra insole, or sol in.
  5. when your feet different sizes between left and right, be sure to measure the distance to a great flavor that is more convenient.
  6. When you want to buy shoes online but are not sure of the size that fits you, ask if the seller could send two pairs of different sizes to try, where the pair will be returned.
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