This Savvy Tips Save Shoes at home

Sunday, August 5th, 2018 - Shoes Tips

If you are interested in one fashion item especially shoes, You will certainly going to collect him. Then as You keep it in the House? Stored on the shelf? Or just you let it sit on the other end of the room without a neat arrangement? It’s a pity if his shoes just left alone. In fact you could make the shoe look neat at once gives a touch of art to the room.
This Savvy Tips Save Shoes at home

This Savvy Tips Save Shoes at home

Open shelf
Rather than hide your shoe collection in the back closet, preferably a neat rows in an open rack. Bunk with neat and flat so as not to look messy. Trust me, this will make your room feel more unique.

Illustrated box
You can also store your shoes in the collection box. Enter each of the pairs of shoes in a box prepared. Not only will it make it look neat, but also ensure your shoes remain durable. His tips, take a photo of each pair of shoes and stick it in front of the box fit his shoes. Hmm, looks interesting.

Wooden box
If you want to give a touch of another, you can use a wooden box that is fairly hard and big. Install the boxes on the wall and do not have to be stretched to the position. You can colorize each box with different color so it looks full of colors in one room. Then you can simply save collections of shoes in boxes.

Mix and match
Mix and match themes also fit to your shoe collection. If you have a collection of bags, you can combine the arrangement between the shoes and the bag. Put on the shelf the box open. You can get creative with the style you like.

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